Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Birthday Surprises!

        I am back after an extremely happy and busy birthday week... My birthday happened to be yesterday, and honestly, I had the time of my life. Wishes, Gifts, Presents and love poured in from everywhere.
Out of all the gifts i received, this huge baking hamper plus some goodies that my parents got me was the bestest ever!

I numbered the things so that it is easier.... This is basically a silicone baking kit that can be used in the microwave as well as the oven. They are excellent because they are very durable, can stand extreme heat and cold. They do not stick to the food even if it gets burnt. They do not imbibe the smell of anything you cook in them, hence your food will smell like it is supposed to :P
So here is the list with a bit of detail wherever needed: (clockwise)

  1.  Blue cupcake tray : I already had 6 individual silicone cupcake moulds, but a tray is always better. The size of individual cupcakes is pretty huge. hence i guess it should be called a muffin tray, not a cupcake tray.
  2. Heart shaped chocolate mould (plain) : It can be used for chocolates, heart shaped ice cubes, Jell-o/ jelly cubes and to bake mini cupcakelets :D Wouldn't that be cute?!
  3. Salad Cutter: That is nothing but a not-so-subtle hint from my parents that I should start losing  some weight :D. They will have to try still harder to convince me.
  4. Cheese grater with storage container:  Grating cheese can be a mess at times. This is a very smart kitchen utility which has a container attached to it, which can be removed once you are done grating and have collected as much cheese as you want :)
  5. Somethings Fishy: That's my blue - fishy baking container... I love it for one reason, that the patterns it has gives me a lot of scope to experiment with in terms of the icing.
  6. Heart shaped chocolate mould (designed):  It is almost the same as the product number 2 on the list, the only difference being is that it has a design that will get imprinted onto anything i set in it.
  7. and 8. Cake tins : These are two beautiful cake tins in the shape of a rose and sunflower respectively. These are the most intriguing ones for me. I want to see how cakes rise and turn out in them, hence i am going to be using them as soon as possible :D (once my birthday - cake hangover is over)    
And lastly at number 9 is the beautiful pizza cutter. Its usage is not limited to that what its name suggests, but one could use it for various things like fondant cutting, cutting chocolate sheets etc.

          I've had a brilliant 2012, and I'm hoping that this year too is as wonderful and as amazing as the last one was. 
Next thing coming up is a fantastic post on Zeba Kolhi's (of the Fanastie Chocolates fame) "Demystifying Chocolate" workshop conducted by Gourmet West at KalaGhoda Mumbai. Honestly, it was one of the experiences I'm going to treasure forever... 

So, till the next time,
Cheers :) 

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