Monday, 11 March 2013

Chocolate Mania...

So, like I had promised, this post is here to tell you about the awesome time I had at Gourmet West's 'Demystifying Chocolates' by Zeba Kohli :)

         The self- proclaimed chocoholic that I am, Zeba Kohli is someone I have admired right from the time I tasted the chocolates from "Fantasie" (Thats the brand headed by Zeba Kohli. Its one of India's best hand -made chocolates store with a jaw - dropping variety on offer). Fantasie chocolates have sort of been a part of my childhood with my dad gifting me a kilo of them, each and every year for my birthday :D
            So, when I was presented with an opportunity to meet and learn from the Chocolatier herself, I wasted no time in going for her workshop that was conducted during the Kala Ghoda festival, at the Westside store in Fort, Mumbai. It was a part of the awesome lineup of food workshops and events organised by Gourmet west ( details of which are in one of the previous posts) .
            As expected, the venue was full, teeming with chocolate aficionados, for the want of a better word, chocoholics like me :P. Zeba Kohli was a very warm and friendly person who conducted the entire workshop in a very interactive manner.

Everyone present i.e all those who had registered, were given a "tasting box", which had samples of chocolates that would help guide us through the course of the event. I was a little late and was almost unsure of getting the box but thankfully Mr. Amit  helped me out, without which this post would've been meaningless :(. They also provided a brochure with information about the chocolates inside the tasting box. All the tasting samples were neatly packed and labelled in little brown envelopes :)                                                                          


        We were guided through all the different kinds of chocolates... their percentages, their sources et all.... The most fun part was the "how to taste" process ... and trust me, its true when the say that you must savor the chocolate NOT eat it...
     You must first smell it, then break it to hear it go "snap" and then let it melt in your mouth, all over you palette... that is when you have truly experienced the chocolate....
      Being a dark chocolate fanatic, this tasting session was nothing short of paradise where i had the good fortune of FINALLY tasting a 100% dark ... something you can rarely find in our commercial markets... ooh, it was a party in my mouth :D

    Another pleasant thing was that Zeba Kohli, answered all the question put forth from the audience that too in good detail... right from the storing and temperature techniques, to the correct way to melt your chocolate... each person there walked away not only with a tummy full of chocolate but also a lot of valuable and professional tips....

     Another amazing part of the event was the blind tasting session, where we had to guess the flavors infused in the chocolates in one packet in the tasting box, and honestly I was beyond amazed when I came to know that one of them was a mustard filled chocolate and the other was a wasabi flavored one... I could never imagine how such non conventional flavors could blend so easily !!! Fantasie manufactures a "health line" of such chocolates with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, mustard fillings, and even garlic 0_o !




Okay, I know it must be sounding like I'm sort of promoting Fantasie and all that, but honestly I was so excited about the entire thing, that i can't help but keep gushing about my experience.
        The session ended with a live chocolate making station, where a few lucky participants from the audience were taught to make chocolates....

         While leaving, I was able to get an exclusive quote for my blog from Zeba; when I asked her what drives her passion for chocolate, she simply said "There is no love more sincere than the love of chocolate".... I know that sounds cliche, but from one chocoholic to another, it cannot be put in truer words..

P.s.  A Shoutout to all the wonderful people I met at the tasting... Mr. Amit, the operations manager at Gourmet west; Sheetal, Aditi, Archana, Saroja, Shraddha and not to forget Kaviraj for the beautiful pictures of the event!

Till next time then,
Cheers :)

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