Thursday, 25 April 2013

Coffee Flavored Caramel Custard

Yes, too many C's in the title but it is certainly everything it sounds like! :) creamy, caffeinated, and cold!
Lets get started,

Time taken:
Half an hour on the gas stove.
3 hours in the fridge.

3 Large moulds or 4 Small ones

Granulated sugar: 10 tablespoons
Instant Coffee Powder: 1 teaspoon (I used Sunrise, you are free to choose your favorite)
Milk : 1 glass, or say, 3 cups.
Vanilla Custard Powder: 3 Tablespoon. ( I used Brown and Polson)
The bowls you will use as a mould (4 medium/ small or 3 large)

  • Start with the custard first. I know that custard powder is an inexcusable shortcut, but then again its not all that bad.
  • First, set aside 1/4th of the entire quantity of milk, heat the rest in a deep pot or a heavy bottomed saucepan.
  •     Once the milk is hot, (mind you, hot; and not boiling) Add 4 tablespoons of sugar and stir continuously for 3 minutes.
  • Once the milk starts smelling sweet, add one teaspoon of the coffee powder and mix so that no lumps remain. One teaspoon gives a very strong and sharp coffee taste. For those who are looking for something mild, add 1/4th of the teaspoon.
  • In the remaining milk that was kept aside, add the 3 tablespoons of custard powder and mix till no lumps remain. 

  • Slowly, add the custard milk solution to the saucepan, stirring continuously as you do so, as we donot want any lumps formed. Add the custard milk slowly, keep taking pauses to see the change in the consistency of the milk. As custard powder is mainly cornflour and helps thicken the milk. We want the consistency to become like that of a cake batter.... thick and almost sludgy, or else it will not set in the fridge and you wont be able to unmould the custard.

  •  Once you have reached the desired consistency, take it off the gas and let it cool. 
  • In a heavy bottomed pan, add the remaining sugar and turn on the heat to a low flame.
  • Let the sugar melt and gradually increase your flame and hold till your sugar has melted to a thick liquid form and has achieved a brown color. Please be careful around hot sugar syrup it is extremely sticky and can cause serious burn marks if not handled carefully. Also please keep an alert eye when it it is changing colors because it does not take much time to burn.
  • Once the sugar solution is is brown (not light but dark brown) [ I made the mistake of settling for a light brown caramel, whilst making the demo piece for this post. It does not give the desired effect nor taste, so please dont make the same mistake]. Take it off the gas.
  • Use a spoon to put (around two tablespoons) at the bottom of your molding bowl.
  • Let it stand for 10 minutes, then add the cooled custard on top.
  • Put your bowls in the fridge (NOT THE FREEZER, NEVER!) for 3 hours.
  • To test if your custard is set, try wobbling the bowl a bit, if your custard wobbles too, then it needs more time.
  • To unmould, insert a think knife around the edges to loosen it a bit. Place the serving plate on top of your bowl and then upturn it.
  • Your custard will release a little sugar water, not to worry, but will have a shiny brown sugary top.
  • Always serve chilled, so it is better that you plate it up just before serving or it may lose shape.

Coffee added in the sweetened milk
Adding vanilla custard powder to the remaining milk.
My too - light a caramel
Caramel being set in the bowls
Adding the cooled custard
Ready to be refrigerated.
Please try and unmould your custard in the center of the plate, moving it later is not really possible :P 

I topped it with a few chocolate jimmies cause my caramel wasnt dark :(

A few very important pointers:

1) It is very important to know your custard powder really well, because it will effect the custards consistency. also, the older your custard powder is, the more of it you need. Its strength also changes from company to company.
2) A dark caramel is a must. It adds that necessary zing to a rather simple dessert. I was too preoccupied with it sticking to my non stick pan, that the quality got affected.
3) Please, please, please cool both the components, the caramel and custard  really well before putting them in the bowl, or else they will simply combine with each other and you will end up with nothing but a bowl of runny coffee custard (which is not all that bad either :D just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and you are good to go!) 

Let me know if you try this recipe out!!  or just leave in a hello (I love talking! ) :)

Till the next time then,