Sunday, 7 July 2013

Some Bad News and Some Good.....

Hello lovely people,
                         I guess you'll are used to me disappearing suddenly for weeks, :P But this time, I do have a valid reason. I had been studying a little more than usual :P because I needed really good marks to get a seat in my college for Psychology majors. [cause they have limited seats :(. around 50 - 60 people compete for like 25 seats, out of which only 11 are for the open category :/ WTF?!]  Thankfully, I did make it!! :D Yayymee!!! Hurray! And now, I'm in my third and final year, and will finally graduate.... The beginning has been stressful already and I'm really worried about how busy the rest of the year is going to be. I can't promise, but I will certainly try to keep my blog up, because honestly, I find it very soothing. My kitchen stints aren't going to be on a hold, but I may not have the time to share it with you wonderful people. This, was the bad news.
                    And now for the good news :D. It is a BIG surprise. I'm not revealing anything yet, but come the right time, say around/ between October to December, my life long wish is going to come true. Hopefully, things go as they should. Please pray for me. :)
I shall certainly keep you guys updated!! :)
 And I will try to put up an easy - to - cook recipe sometime this week, but yet again I can't promise :'( . Not being able to update my blog makes me so sad :'( 

So, until next time,
Cheers :)

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