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Chocolate Ganache Tarts

Hello people,
                    in the midst of my crazy work schedule, I just couldn't resist putting this recipe up. This one is an almost no - cooking required recipe which is so easy - peasy, yet so pretty and delicious, that I'm sure you'll want to try it out at least once :D I made this when I had a few friends dropping by unexpectedly post dinner, and who can say no to some good chocolatey dessert :) ??  My phone is currently hibernating because I dropped it waay to hard, so I havent been able to take any pictures, I'm really sorry about that.
              Anyway, back to this recipe. Tarts have always been my favorites. Lemon tarts from Hershe's at Bandra are something I could readily kill for :P (just kidding); But yes, I have waited in line for an hour to lay my hands on those beauties. The thing about tarts is that their deliciousness lies in the simplicity. A complicated tart is never fun :(
                    This recipe is a pantry special. Most of the ingredients will be in your pantry. And none of the processes mentioned are difficult. P.S - you could actually have some good kiddy - time by asking your little child/ niece or nephew to help out :)

Time: -
2 Hours

Makes -
6 medium sized tarts.

For the tart base
Marie Gold biscuits - one small packet (12 pieces)
Butter - half a cup (room temperature)
Almond meal ( roasted almond powder) - 3 tablespoons
some dried beans (black eyed peas/ red beans ) for blind baking

For the chocolate ganache
250 gms Dark chocolate compound ( any company will do)
one small tetrapack of whole cream (I used amul )

Utensils/ Bakeware needed
 I know everyone will not have tart tins at home. so what you can do is buy a few aluminium foil - cups/ boxed shaped ones that you can use as your tart tins.
I googled and came up with a few images to help you (tradekey and alienpress) . The good thing about the aluminium foil is that you can throw them after use and end up doing a lot of less washing.
1 Sheet of butte paper

For the tarts
  • Empty the biscuits into a plastic bad (the zip - lock kind) (if you can manage with any other one, then go ahead !) and crush them with your rolling pin till they are powdered completely.
  • Once you have powdered them, empty them into a mixing bowl. Add the butter and almond meal to them. And mix till they form a grainy dry - dough
  • Now divide this into small portions ( 6)
  • Use your fingers to butter your foil tins lightly.
  • Use the tart mix and line up the inside of the tart tin so that it is of equal thickness in every part of the tart.
  • Cut your butter paper into a size that would fit your tart. and pace it ON the tart.
  • Place the dry beans on the butter paper so they act like weight and help to bake the tarts before placing the ganache in it
  • Now, in an oven heated to 220 degrees Celsius, bake the tart with the beans and the paper for 12 minutes, till it looks brown.
  • Take them out of the oven and let them cool down on their own.
For the Ganache 
  • The ganache is one of the easiest and tastiest things you could do to compound chocolate.
  • In a pot, boil some water, now place another heavy - bottomed pan or pot on it so that it covers the first pots head completely.
  • In the top pan, add the chopped pieces of chocolate and mix them as they melt slowly
  • Once the chocolate is completely melted and switch the gas off.
  • Quickly add the whole cream ( 4 table spoons) and whisk till they are creamy. And leave to cool.

  • Once your tarts are cool, un - tin them from the foil
  • Either use a piping bag or a spoon to place generous amounts of the ganache in the tart cavity.
  • You could also use fresh fruits/ chocolate chips/ colorful jimmies/ candied lemon zest/ wafer biscuits/ cocoa or coffee powder on top to decorate your tart.
  • Refrigerate the tart for atleast 10 minutes prior to serving. Room temperature tarts donot taste half as good as mildly cold ones. (well, thats my opinion)

  • Blind baking the tarts (using the beans on top of the butter paper and baking it) is essential because is the tart is uncooked, the ganache will seep through and make it soggy.
  • The thicker the ganache, the better. A thick ganache has less cream and more chocolate. This also depend on the fat present in your cream. So best is that you put in one spoon as a time, and keep whisking and see how thick it becomes. ALSO please remember, it gets really thick once its cool. so dont make it thick earlier, or else you will have a difficult time dealing with it.

I'll leave you with a few inspirations :) (credits:,,

So until next time :) , Keep baking, stay happy.

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