Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Modern twist to a Traditional Delicacy! and my Canola Oil food blogger's meet!

       I have had a very eventful week so far. I took part in the Canola Oil food blogger's meet at the Four Seasons in Worli, organised by Canolainfo.org . There was a recipe competition as a part of the event, and below is the recipe I submitted.
       Canola oil is one of the lightest and healthiest oil available today. Our task was to use canola oil in a creative recipe... even though I did not win, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful experience.
       In this post, I'm just giving out the recipe. In my next post, I'll tell you guys in detail about the wonderful day I had! ;)

So here goes,


This is a healthy, yet tasty twist to a decadent traditionally Indian dessert which is a favorite in every household. Substituting a few ingredients for healthier options, not only makes it lighter on the stomach, but also adds a different facet to the dessert.
Prep Time – 20 Minutes
Cooking time – 45 Minutes
Serves – 4
For the Malpuas
·        150 gms of whole wheat flour
·        50 gms of jaggery
·        ½  tablespoon of fennel seeds
·        1 tablespoon of vanilla extract OR 1 fresh pod of vanilla (pod always preferred)
·        ½ tablespoon of freshly ground cardamom powder
·        1 cup of warm water
·        3 cups of canola oil  
·        A few saffron strands (for presentation)
For the Sour cream
·        1 cup of whole cream
·        1 tablespoon of buttermilk
For the fresh fruit syrup
·        100 gms of fresh fruit of your choice.
·        50 gms of granulated sugar
·        3 tablespoons of water
For the Malpuas
·        Dissolve jaggery in the cup of warm water completely; see to it that no lumps remain undissolved.
·        To the wheat flour, add the fennel, vanilla (either extract or slice open the pod scrape the insides of the pod and empty into the flour), and the cardamom powder.
·        Pour in the jaggery water slowly, and mix till you have a paste like consistency (pancake – like batter)
·        Heat a oil in a frying pan. Wait until it is hot, but not smoking hot.
·        Drop little pancakes of the wheat flour batter into the oil, slowly. Make sure that the pancakes are small. Eg – around 5 cms in radius.
·        Fry till golden brown and crisp on both the sides. As canola oil is light, your malpuas will hardly soak any kind of oil!
·        Remove from stove and keep aside
For the sour cream (in case you are planning to make some of your own)
·        In a double boiler, heat the cream till it almost boils.
·        Remove from heat and let it cool down to room temperature.
·        Once it is cool, put it into a storage container with a lid and add the tablespoon of buttermilk to it.
·        Do not replace the lid; instead place a paper n napkin on the mouth of the container.
·        Wait for 24 hours; keep checking occasionally to see how thick the cream is. Once it is as thick as desired, shut the container and store it in the fridge until use.
For the fruit syrup
·        Whichever fruit you have chosen, dice it into small cubes.
·        In a heated pan, mix 50 gms of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water.
·        Once the sugar melts a little bit, add the fruit bits and cook them till the syrup develops honey – like thick consistency.
·        Remove from flame and keep aside.

·        On a plate, place two malpuas.
·        Drizzle on them with the fresh fruit syrup and top with a few pieces of the fruit.
·        On the side, serve a dollop of cold sour cream with one or two strands of saffron on it.
·        Your dessert is now ready.

·        In the malpua, always use jaggery as it compliments wheat very well, something that sugar just cannot manage.
·        Traditionally, malpuas are pan fried in rich ghee, which lends beautifully to its flavour and aroma. But as we have opted for a very healthy alternative of using canola oil instead of ghee, we have added vanilla extract to the malpua batter, in order to avoid any different smells that may not go well with the dessert.
·        Coming to the sour cream, it takes a minimum of 24 hours to make at home. If you are running short on time, please help yourself to market bought sour cream; though homemade cream is always better.
·        Be careful while choosing your fruit for the fresh fruit syrup. Do not go for citrusy fruits like oranges and sweet limes as there is already a sour component in the dish. Try fruits like apples, pears, peaches and even bananas which will subtly enhance the dish.
·        You could do a variety of changes in this dish to suit your taste and choice.
·        You could top the sour cream with pistachio granules and compliment it with rose – petal syrup!
·        Also, you could add lemon zest to the malpuas itself and eliminate the sour cream, serving it with a scoop of delightful low fat vanilla ice cream!

Try this recipe out on a family lunch, or simply on the day you feel like indulging in sinful food!

Until next time!


  1. I love the pointers. Adding jaggery enhances the taste, I admit. Karishma, we met in the Canola oil even. So I thought I should check out your blog. Loved it!! The recipes are tempting! :)

    1. Purabi! Its so good to hear from you!! Its so sweet of you to drop by! :) I did check your blog out the day I got back, absolutely taken by your brownie recipe, I thought I'd drop you a message once I tried them out. Your blog is truly inspiring for newbies like me :D . Thank you for your kind words. I shall see to it that I keep in touch!! loads of love!