Friday, 1 November 2013

A wonderful Italian Cena and a foodie gathering :)

Ciao Amici,
                 according to Google, that translates to 'hello friends' in Italian  :) . This month has been  a flurry of activity, right from the tea trial to the Indian Food Blogger's Association awards [yeah, that post has been long sitting in the drafts folder! I promise it will be out soon!! :D ]
                Now I'm sure you are still wondering why I greeted you guys in Italian, that's because this post is about the Southern Italian Food Festival that is being held at the JW Marriott at Juhu, Mumbai. A lot of us food bloggers were invited to this wonderful event which was hosted by the hotel in their speciality Italian Restaurant-  Mezzo Mezzo.

              Having traveled from almost the other end of the city had tired me a little, so I was glad once I reached the restaurant. It has elegant interiors with nice diffused lighting that add to its ambiance. One section was separated for the evening. Marriott has recently flown in the Celebrity Chef- Chef Davide Cananzi who was heading this entire event. 
                This memorable evening started with getting to know all the other fellow foodies, some new, some old. It is certainly an evening well spent, when you get to know people who are so much like you and share the same passion. Anyway, back to the event, we began with the starters. Chef Davide was so wonderful and considerate to provide the grass - eating population (read - vegetarians) like me, with an equally yummy and broad variety of food as the rest. 
                  For starters, there was a variety of breads, different cheeses, preserved fruits, pizzas. There were various cold cuts of meat and wine. Me being a non drinker, the staff at Mezzo Mezzo was really sweet to provide me with a choice of non alcoholic beverages. The starters were oh-so-scrumptious, that all of us had to keep reminding ourselves that the main course was yet to come and to save some space in our tummies!! :D . I absolutely loved the salty ricotto cheese, and the olive danishes!! 

Photo credit- Samina :)

   As we were relishing the starters, Chef Davide was explaining to us the basics of Southern Italian Fare, how the spices in the food and the spiced food made all the difference. Coming to the main course, I'm going to be talking about what I had (so, non veggies please excuse me, I was too busy relishing my food to pay attention to the other stuff :D )
    This was the first time that I was trying any authentic Italian Food, and my, was I impressed! Below are all the dishes we were presented with, I have described them in the captions..
This was the most delicious mocktail ever!! Orange,
pineapple and mango Juice together!! Yummy!!

This was fusilli with ricotta cheese and baby tomatoes

On the right is the smoothest and creamiest mushroom risotto

Buttery smooth mashed potatoes as an accompaniment!

This is some super cheesy Rigatoni in tomato sauce :)

            Chef Davide spoke to us about Southern Italian Cuisine, and the connection he felt with it. He explained that this food is the "pan to plate kind" and any delay in eating the freshly prepared dishes, just denatures its flavor.The food that day, was being served directly from the pan it was made in. He regaled us with his learning experiences in the kitchen, as the day's menu contained few of the first recipes he had ever learned to cook, that too from his mother. So the evening did have an air of nostalgia about it. The interaction with Chef, just made the experience more wholesome.. He was extremely friendly and warm. In my opinion, he is nothing less than an asset for the JW Marriott :) 
Chef Davide

            After the exquisite main course, came the time for the finishing touch, i.e. the dessert. We ended that enjoyable evening with the classic Italian Cassatta and the sublime Jam tart. It was the perfect finale. 

 Overall, it was one of those perfect evenings, which you remember for years to come. I am soon planning a family evening at Mezzo Mezzo A shout out to my new friends (The vanilla bean co! Pooja! Chef Joel! and of course Sam!) You guys made the evening memorable! 
Also, Kudos to Pragati and Anchal for organizing this event, you guys did a great job!:) 

Until Next Time,
Cheers :)

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  1. This sounds such fun! I love Italian food and the spread looks just yum!!