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Thailand Revisited . . . . . . .

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              Today, I'll be telling about the Thai Food Festival at the JW Marriott, Mumbai, which helped me revisit my trip to Thailand years ago :) . Nostalgic, I'd say.
              Marriott has flown down Thai Specialty Chef Suriya all the way from Thailand for their Thai Street Food Festival.

Stock Photo of Chef Suriya From the Marriott's Facebook Page

             Almost all the stalls of food were live, save the dessert and the main course stalls... We started off with the entrees ... I had some crispy spring rolls filled with julienned veggies. The rolls were crisp, but not dripping with oil..(the way you usually find them). There were also banana fritters (these reminded me of the Christmas goodies some of my Malyalee - Christian friends used to get at school), and some deliciously seasoned garlicky potato wedges! :D there were two types of breads which had a strong undertone of lemon grass.. there were two dipping sauces; one was the plum sauce and a sweet chilli dip.. Oh I was in love with the sweet chilli sauce, I could eat it in spoonfuls!

From the left to right - Garlic potato wedges, the  banana fritters and the crispy spring rolls.

The sauces and the bread baskets

My Plate

       Coming to the main course, There was a humongous variety. There was a live barbecue station and a roast pork belly station for the non vegetarians. There was also a live Phad Thai counter !! I had some Som Tam and two other varieties of salad - Som Tam is a raw papaya salad, along with a gorgeous glass noodle salad and a raw mango with toasted cashew salad!! These were so lovely and refreshing that I could have them as a meal in themselves :) There were two other live stations for the main course - The Green & Red curry station and the Tom Yam (soup) station. Because I wanted to save space for desserts, I had to skip on the Phad thai and Tom Yam. I sampled a bit of the green curry though, which was a warm and wholesome. 

The Glass Noodle Salad and the Raw Mango Salad

My Lovely Pina Colada :D 

The Phad Thai Station^

My Bowl of Green Curry

        The staple main course had three veggie options - Water Chestnut and Mushroom in black pepper sauce; Mixed veggies in Soy sauce and Tom Yam fried rice...  the water chestnut and mushrooms in soy sauce appealed to my taste buds, it had very smoky flavors and a nice texture! 

             And now coming to my favorite part, the desserts! There was an array of delicacies right from regional fruits to their traditional desserts! I'll put up the picture and then proceed to describe it for you :)

    Doesn't it look glorious, and trust me, it tasted even better! Starting from the top, clockwise, the pale orange square was a pumpkin pudding, then a slice or tropical mandarin, a chocolate tart, old - school gooey chocolate cake, then the white coconut custard with a coconut jelly encased in coconut leaves, a rambutan (Thai Litchi), and the pink- white dragonfruit. In the center, on the left is a lentil cake and on the right is a cheese cake.
    I fell in LOVE with three of these, firstly and the most obviously, the gooey chocolate cake. Nothing with chocolate can be bad :) . Then the Coconut custard. That was a complete surprise; under the layer of coconut cream, was a smooth yet firm coconut jelly that had little chunks of coconut in it. It tasted like a steamed product. Honestly, it was made to absolute perfection! And lastly, the dragon fruit. I was long intrigued by this interesting looking fruit. It tastes light, slightly sour, but slightly so. It acted like the perfect palate cleanser in - between the variety I was tasting :)

     I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Chef Suriya. He was extremely humble and friendly. He was nice enough to share with me the recipe of that sweet chilli sauce that I was in love with! He shared with us the concept of desserts in Thai cuisine. When quizzed on what kind of Indian food he liked, he was quick to tell me that he loves the Biryani and South Indian Fare.
     All in all, it was nothing sort of a stay - cation for me. I'd like to thank Stacy, Shimonti and Anchal for making this event so memorable :) I would strongly recommend anyone who loves Asian fare to go and have a good time! Their buffet is priced very reasonably and of course, the service Marriott offers is impeccable! The festival is on at till the 1st of December, consider it an early treat for the upcoming new year and have a blast! :)
From the Marriott Mumbai's Facebook Page. 

Upcoming - My recipe of orange and chocolate muffins! Stay tuned :)
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