Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Philips Brew Camp

        This month has probably been my most exciting and busy month in this entire year. This post is to tell you all about the Philips Brew Camp that was held last Saturday afternoon. Being a coffee lover, I was more than excited for this event!
        The event was hosted by the very talented Kalyan Karmakar. He's our country's one of the finest food bloggers. You must check his blog out here. Along with being brilliant at his blog, I found him to be very easy going, friendly and approachable; And all this made it such a fun and memorable event.
         We started off by taking a coffee quiz. I learnt that there is much more to coffee than just my daily cup of filter coffee. And the wonder of wonders, I was in the top 5 winners of the list. Though I didn't win in the second 'make your own coffee art' round :( . Nevertheless, it was a memorable experience.

   After the quiz, Kalyan told us about the different types of coffee.... differentiated according to their continents, and the differences in their flavors and aroma....  Being a novice coffee lover, I finally learnt to differentiate my Cappuccino from my Moccachino ! :D 

   We had another interactive session where in we discovered our "Coffee Personalities". Funnily, I was the only one who thought about how much energy my coffee gives me to push through, whenever I drank my coffee. Its like a source of relief, like a hearty soup on a flu day. This put me alone in the "sober and sorted" category :D . The others either connected their coffee to their company i.e. friends, family etc and the others connected it to the coffee's aroma, creme etc.
    We had another contest now... (yes, this was the most fun Saturday I have had in ages!!) . I was paired with another person ( Yuti -from MumbaiFoodLovers). We were all served a dish of accompaniments that go with different types of coffee, Then we were served with one kind of coffee and we had to guess which food made the perfect pair!! 

  The delicious baked tidbits were provided by Aditi Juneja from SociallyFoodie. Yuti and I were served the Cappuccino, which was delicious! accompanied with the following (captioned)
From left to right- the apple danish, the salty sesame cookie, the banana walnut cake. Pizza crackers with a dip (dips in the next picture)  at the bottom and the tangy orange muffin in the center.

      Yuti and I decided that the apple danish was the best suited to go with our kind of coffee (though I LOVED the orange muffin. I plan to order a bunch soon!) . And we were right! Both of us won a table side book on the history of coffee!! :) What a treat!! 

  Jayati Singh, who was there representing Philips India, told us about the new range of Coffee machines they are releasing in the Indian market, especially for home - use. I was immensely impressed with the kind of technology Philips was bringing in, to make our lives easier and our coffees much better. You can check out their new products and their never been seen before technology like an inbuilt ceramic grinder, their sophisticated filter system over here.  

      The lovely event ended with a nice lunch. The pressie included a beautiful box of select coffee beans and hand made chocolates!!
Pressie and the Book I won!!! (The pamphlets are missing, i left them in the bag!) 
   Special mention to Shweta Mehrotra and Prerna Jain!  Thank you so much! :) 
   I've got loads of reviews and recipes coming up this moth, stay tuned and keep happy!!

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  1. thanks for the lovely post Karishma and for your kind words. It was great meeting you at the event