Friday, 10 January 2014

The Caffeine Kick :)

        I just got back from an oh - so - amazing vacation, only to come back to an even bigger surprise. As you guys know, I had attended the Philips Brew Camp (read all about it here) and then, the organizers gave me the opportunity to review their coffee machine.
        They sent me the Saeco Intelia, which is their top - range, fully automatic coffee machine. Philips sent their authorized personnel to have the machine installed and to explain to me the details. My first impression of the machine was that it was sleek, and had a modernistic design with clean lines and a sturdy body. Something that would fit into any kitchen seamlessly, adding style as well as the beautiful aroma of freshly ground coffee :) . As it is a fully automatic machine,  it has an array of highly specialized processes you can choose from to customize your personal cuppa. Nothing short of a private starbucks :D.

      I am not a very mechanically savvy person, but the sheer variety of features in the machine had me curious. It has a ceramic grinder that grinds the fresh coffee beans to ensure that you have the perfect blend. You can not only choose how strong you want your coffee, (with three levels of intensity) but also how hot you want it to be!! :o . It has the option of using coffee beans or instant coffee powder in case you are out of the beans. It has a very intelligent "compressing" system that presses out fresh coffee whilst ensuring that no grainy particles come your way and makes the disposal of the coffee bean - waste easier.. It has separate compartments for the milk and water... plus it has been programmed self clean after every use, and you can time it to switch it self off... so it saves electricity and time, both!!

     I simply couldn't wait to taste the lovely cappuccinos and hot chocolates, but in order to give my readers a fair review, I decided to invite over a couple of coffee lover pals, who would love to give the espressos and americanos a try :D (I am somewhat partial to cappuccinos) . I planned something like a coffee tasting (okay, it was way too casual to be called that... but nevertheless, you get the gist) . We had a variety of bite sized snacks, dips etc to complement the coffees.... take a look ...

       On my vacation to Udaipur, I had relished the frothy coffees they served in the "kulhads" ... and I was so missing them; especially because Mumbai decided to turn into a refrigerator all of a sudden :P  The perfectly sweetened, frothy and warm coffees, I just couldn't have enough of them :D . And my, did the coffee machine brew magic or what. The steamed milk was frothy and light, without any rawness from the milk. The coffee decoction was clear with the espresso crema (yes, this machine has the 15 -bar pump that ensures that even the espressos are light and creamy, just like the ones we get at the coffee shops). My younger sibling just couldn't get enough of the hot chocolate. In short, the machine delivered everything it promised to deliver. It just made my winter mornings an absolute delight.


       The Philips coffee machine range starts at a reasonable 14,000 INR (approx) (the basic ones) to the heftier 75,000 INR (approx) (like the one pictured here). But let me vouch for the fact that it certainly is worth every penny. Especially for small establishments like offices or even homely cafes, the machines and the service are of international standards. I have used different coffee machines from other brands that I wouldn't name, and after using a Philips, I realize that it makes more sense to pay a little bit more, and get something that is not only efficient but also user friendly. 

        Anyone planning to go in for a new coffee maker, I recommend that you check out the Philips website here and go through their range. They seem to have something for every budget and need! And I seem to have found exactly what I want for my birthday next month !! :P 

       I have to mention Mr. Pradnyavant from Philips, who had come over to install the machine. He was extremely patient and answered all my excruciatingly detailed questions with a smile :)  
A humongous thank you to Zahabia from Avain. Its thanks to you that I had this opportunity. It was great talking to you! :) 

       Lastly, I know we've been running low on new recipes. But not to worry!! I've got some really amazing stuff in the pipeline!! :)

So until next time,

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