Monday, 10 March 2014

California Pizza Kitchen's Hollywood Menu

      They say, there's no comfort food like pizza; And whoever said that, please take a bow. You couldn't have been more right. California Pizza Kitchen has been serving us lip smacking food for a long time now and have decided to add a little zing through their new Hollywood Menu!

 By now you must know, that I have a thing for pineapple based drinks. So of course, my first choice was the Pineapple twister (pictured above). It was deliciously refreshing. Had chunks of pineapple, and just sweet enough with hits of mint in between. Paradise in a glass. Strongly recommend this one. This was followed by the Rustica Pizza- which is an Italian Classic with grilled Zucchini, sauteed Mushrooms, Green Olives and Capers. Mushrooms and Capers coupled with the crisp crust are the perfect party grub.


 Even though it was a chicken option, the chef was kind enough to whip out a Paneer version of the Spicy Sonora Pizza for me which had a housemade roasted Corn and Blackbean salsa with a Cilantro and Lime Cream sauce with the traditional crust. This is a more filling and hearty pizza that you'd love to eat on a cozy movie night!!

Spicy Sonora

The next main course was the Mediterranean Roasted Mushroom Spaghettini. It was light, aromatic with Garlicky undertones, juicy roasted Mushrooms, spicy Serrano Chillies, Mediterranean herbs and a generous dousing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Spaghetti was al dente, though I could have done with a little less olive oil. The mushrooms shone through the dish. 

The second mocktail was the mango mint ecstasy  Again, chunks of Mango married to a mint and lemon punch, but a little too sweet for my liking. Refreshing nevertheless.

 Coming to the in house speciality, the Spinach and Paneer Malfati with Milan sauce was a pleasant surprise. Those were tender Spinach and Paneer Gnocchi dumplings in a caramelized onion sauce with Garlic and Goat cheese. These melt - in - the - mouth wonders were served with a side if stir fried veggies. The salty Goats cheese and creamy onion sauce complimented each other perfectly. The spinach added the much needed texture to break the monotony.

Spinach & Paneer Malfati

The dinner ended with its glorious California Delight. A trio of White Chocolate, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Mousse with Cranberries and Almond Praline. Smooth, Silky and absolute. The cranberries added the optimum level acidity. Almond praline wasn't very evident, but nevertheless, contributed to a new dimension to the dessert. The caramelized tuille was a nice touch. Summing up, it was an immaculate finish to the meal.

 The Hollywood Menu at California Pizza Kitchen is available throughout the month of March. A perfect pick for a couple of friends getting together in the evening, or even for a nice family dinner.

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