Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sliders (Bandra)

It looks like sliders are the new craze to hit foodie town, with new slider menu's popping out here and there. Ketan Kadam's (famous for Two One Two) 'Sliders' at Bandra (Waterfield Road) is the newest to jump onto the bandwagon. A lot of mixed reviews came my way, so I was a little apprehensive when I decided to go over and try them out. 
However, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Sliders shares the place with Maroosh (within the same outlet), so diners have both options open. We started of with the Strawberry Rush (INR 110/-). Very honestly, it was a little disappointing. Bit too watered down and sweeter than I could handle. I found it a  little over priced.

 I absolutely loved the seating arrangement; especially in the Slider's section with high chairs, that had a comfortable foot and back rest. Chalk board painted walls with cutesy burgers drawn on it. The first slider they served, was the Philly Steak (INR 65/-). It was a well-seasoned and surprisingly well cooked. The mayonnaise wasn't too sweet and the bread was so soft, that I almost didn't have to chew it. The vegetarian fare included the Jalepeno Popper (INR 60/-) It had a brilliant relish. One major plus point was that the onions they served in every slider were slightly grilled and hence did not leave that pungent aftertaste. The chicken BBQ slider came next (INR 65/-). Those who love pepper in everything must give this one a shot. The chicken was moist and spicy, which went well with the soft bun and crunchy relish.  
The Philly Steak

The Jalepeno Popper

The BBQ Chicken

The next item on the menu was the one we were waiting for. The Cheese Fries (INR 90/-). Not too crispy, neither too salty, but we were let down by the lack of cheese in the said "cheese" fries. The photograph looks deceiving- because the bits of cheese had already stuck to the fries and dried. We were actually expecting the fries to be coated generously in liquid cheese; the one that satisfies the very depth of your soul, leaving you feeling supremely guilty for weeks to come. 

Because of the let down from the Strawberry Rush, we decided to call for the second and only other drink on their menu - Nutella Coffee (INR 110/-). And surprisingly, it did turn out to be as promising as it sounded. A definite recommendation. The Mushroom slider (INR 60/-) that came next was slightly okay - ish. The patty felt slightly stodgy, but a +1 for the mini sliced gherkins in the bun! Loved them! The Sliders are the perfect size for when you need to grab a bite - on the go. And are very reasonable priced for what they are serving.

We tried a shwarma each from Maroosh.The Chicken  Shawarma which was really tasty. It had ample chicken which was well spiced along with tahini and harissa sauce, the pita it was served in was well toasted. The Veggie Falafel shwarma had well pickled beets with a hint of garlic sauce. So if you are someone who doesn't like sliders, you can give Maroosh a shot, without having to go to another place :)

Lastly, came the Brownie Slider (INR 70/-). Okay, here is the thing with me and desserts. I am usually a traditionalist when it comes to desserts. Anything extra "inventive" on the dessert menu, puts me off immediately. I had no idea what to expect when this one came. It was a thick slice of Brownie (which was dense, appropriately sweet) nestled between a sweetened bun,which was slathered with strawberry and chocolate sauce and a layer of cream cheese underneath. I know it sounds wild, but it dint taste that bad. I definitely wish they had given everything except the brownie and the chocolate sauce a miss. The bun eaten separately with the strawberry and chocolate sauce tasted amazing. But together, it wasn't something I would try. 

All in all, Sliders gets a 6/10 from us. An 8/10 for service (Ask for a certain Mr. Vinod when you get there, he was really nice). Very budget friendly. Something that can be a fantastic hit with a few, but a miss with the rest.
 I hope you enjoyed reading the review. Do leave a comment below if you have already been to sliders, or would like to go there! :)

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