Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cafe Infinito

         Yautcha's sister brand, Cafe Infinito is the newest thing in town, having opened hardly a few months ago (13th of March 2014) at BKC, Mumbai, And I was super excited to go there with my co blogger to see what they had to offer. Cafe Infinito has replaced Otto Infinto which used to serve Mediterranean cuisine.
         We were welcomed warmly by the staff and lead to our tables.  The first thing that struck us was the ambiance. A very casual atmosphere with light music playing in the background, well planned lighting and spaced out seating to ensure privacy for guests. The operations in-charge, Chirag was there to talk us through about the cafe  and the changes they have introduced. Very rarely have I seen such a pleasant and happy person! It was really nice having a little chat with Chirag and knowing about how things have been changed from Otto Infito to Cafe Infinito. Also, they have really nice offers on during the current IPL season. So if you are looking at having a few drinks along with some delectable food and enjoying the match on the big screen, this place is an excellent option. Another important thing that we noticed was, that the rates are extremely reasonable. It was pleasantly surprising because considering it is Yautcha's branch, I had expected some heavy digits to the right of the menu card.

           Our server for the evening was Sushant who for the beginning, suggested that we try their signature Lemon and Lime milkshake. After a lot of convincing, as we simply dint trust milk with lemon (for obvious reasons) we gave a nod. Vipasha was the brave one to try that and I went safe with a chocolate and coffee frappe. In Vipasha's words - the lime and lemon milkshake was a pure mixing genius. The shredded lime zest added the perfect amount of textural difference without the slight bitterness that is usually associated with zest. It is refreshing, considering the heat right now and quite filling. The best milkshake I've ever had!... Yes, even better than chocolate! 
       My chocolate and coffee frappe was just perfect. Sweet enough to satisfy my sugar craving and not too much to make it cloying. Deliciousness in a glass. I duff my hat to their wonderful bartender Colette, (I hope I got her name right .. :P Sorry, if I haven't). Along with killer bartending and mixing skills, she was such a warm person! :)

              The first course was soups. We completely left our meal selection to Sushant, and he didn't disappoint. Perfect combinations that suited both our palettes. I had the Minestrone Genovese with a slice of crispy bruchetta. It was served with a dollop of pesto and some grated cheese. Deliciously cubed vegetables in a tangy tomato base. The portion size was perfect. A bread basket that had a variety of breads - soup sticks and buns accompanied the soups. A special mention to the beautifully piped herbed butter. These small details are what make the dining experience memorable. :)  The non vegetarian one was the White Bean, Chicken and Spicy Polenta soup. Polenta is a type of cornmeal boiled into porridges.The soup had a rough texture. The polenta was very soft and made into tiny cubes to accompany the shredded chicken.

               Coming to the appetizers. I was served some Antipasti - Basil Gnocchi tossed in some Harissa sauce. Any Italian food lover will tell you that it was absolutely gorgeous. Smooth basil infused Gnocchi in fiery red Harissa. Lots of punch packed in the bite sized gnocchi. The other was the Balti spiced Chicken Skewers and homemade aioli. The first +1 for the fact that the pieces were roasted and not fried, and the second +1 for the best aioli in the world. The chicken was soft and not chewy and the aioli made me want to ask the chef for its recipe.

                For the mains, I had Crepes Stuffed with Ratatouille in a creamy saffron sauce. I enjoyed this dish way too much, because finding crepes that dont smell eggy and yet taste divine, is a rarity. Add well cooked and the subtle flavours of the ratatouille along with the rich saffron sauce topped with crunchy microgreens. Perfect. My friend ordered the all time favourite Chicken Lasagna, which had the tangiest tomato sauce and was bursting with cheese. They do offer a beef version as well.

               Both of us were too full to even finish the generous portions they serve. But you must be well aware that nothing can keep a girl away from her dessert. :D Their range of desserts is select, yet sinful. Vipasha had the Belgian Chocolate Cake. The cake rested on top of a large base of vanilla ice cream with a bowlful of nutty toffee - caramel sauce. Even if you aren't a big caramel fan like me, you absolutely MUST give this one a try. The cake is appropriately dense with enough ice cream for every bite and the sauce - something you will feel like eating by the spoonfuls, all by itself.  I had ordered my usual Tiramisu, Good quality - strong espresso with deliciously light and cheesy mascarpone cream and a lady finger on the top :D It was a fitting end to a rather perfect meal.

                   Cafe Infinito has certainly found a loyal customer for a long time to come. I am impressed not just with the food, but the staff, who makes an effort to make you feel welcome. They are open all day, right from breakfast to dinner and have a good Bar too. So go, give this place a shot & I am certain you won't be disappointed. :)

Until Next time,

Cafe Infinito
G Block,
Raheja Tower,
BKC, Bandra East.

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