Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ooty Diaries Part - 1

   No holiday season is complete without a little outing. And specially because I am going away soon, the family and I decided to take a short 5 day excursion to the Southern part of India - to the city of Coimbatore and the hilly town of Ooty.
   Two hours of flying, starting from Mumbai and we landed in the city of Coimbatore. I must say I was thoroughly surprised. I had not expected it to be such a big and well developed city. The sights and sounds enveloped me from the minute I landed. A rather busy place with innumerable jewellery, clothing and food stores. This one looked like a promising place for a foodie. Below I am trying to show you my trip in pictures. Because honestly, who wants to type so much :P Don't worry - all the details in the captions.
Buying Colourful Silk Sarees at Sree Devi Silks 

Complete south indian meal - Unlimited lunch at Annapoorna restaurant (Lakshmi complex)
Mango ice cream with fruits for dessert and paan as a post lunch mouth freshner

Delicious filter coffee - Annapoorna 
People like me who have an inherent love for south Indian food, this was of course a paradise with pillow soft idlis and crispy thin dosas and big thermos flasks full of good, strong filter coffee. the fragrance of sweets being made in pure ghee was wafting through every second street. Yum!
I spent a good two days here. Roaming the streets, trying to understand the language. One fair word of warning - the autorickshaws here donot run metered fare. They extort any amount they feel like - from 50 to 100 INR even for the shortest distance. Also another thing that took my fancy was the jewellery they had. Beautiful pieces, whether gold or partial silver with delicate designs. Of course, I did pick a few of them up.

The next part of my vacation was in Ooty, which will be the next post!

Until next time,
Cheers :) 


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