Friday, 30 May 2014

Ooty Diaries Part - 2

      Yes it has been very long, but I am sure you guys completely understand, like every damn time :D oh you wonderful people you. So back to my amazing vacation. Post my two days in Coimbatore, we took to Ooty. First thing, the weather in Ooty was blissful. As compared to Mumbai's scorching heat, Ooty was a breath of fresh, cool air. Ooty is that small quaint town, which is buzzing with population because of the ongoing vacations, full of small homely bakeries, home made chocolate stores and easily available brussel sprouts! (No, I am not weird. Just that where I live, brussel sprouts are difficult to find)  I was there for 3 days, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. :) 

       The road journey itself from Coimbatore to Ooty was brilliant. Miles and miles of green tea estates. We stopped at this cafe called Orange Pekoe. Honestly, I don't remember the last time a simple mug of hot coffee and toast with butter was so soul satisfying. 

Now, like last time I'm going to take you through my vacation through the pictures :D . My idea of seeing a new place, is on foot with a camera with some good company. This is going to be a compilation of all my three days, in no particular order.
 So here you go -

Pretty flowers outside my hotel :)

Fresh green tea leaves, when I went to visit a tea factory. Anyone else who can't tolerate Nilgiri Green? I'd take Darjeeling green over it anyday .


Gorgeous tea estates

The first rains of the year

 One little piece I had to do was about this lovely chocolate shop in the commercial market, called Jai's King Star. This shop has some great history and is a family business being carried out by the third generation. They have the most amazing array of chocolates. Vivek, who is the proprietor of Jai's King Star, told me that they actually procure their cocoa pods from Kerala and process the raw chocolate themselves. They also make fudges. Along with a wide variety of chocolates, the usual ones like rice crispies, truffle, fruit & nut, marzipan etc to the other delicious but not frequently found coconut filled ones, bonbons, black current, cranberry etc. (p.s. My absolute fav was the caramel filled one) . I actually visited their shop twice because I finished the first batch I had bought. Impressive fact - Their products don't have preservatives and yet have a very long shelf life. They also courier chocolates to major cities. If you are ever in Ooty, you must make a pit stop there. 

A Part of my chocolate haul

A better display :P 

 Below is everything that made my vacation absolutely worth it :) Talking about chocolate overdose, there is a chocolate museum where I laid my hands on 70% dark chocolate. Yum. 

Buttered masala steamed corn. Delicious snack in the cold winters of Ooty. Perfect to carry around while wandering the streets :)

Here I discovered something new called Sukka coffee.. which is basically coffee with a little bit of ginger. Nice no?

One big regret - on my way to see Coonoor, I happened to see this place called the McIver Villa. It looked so absolutely beautiful that I totally wanted to stop there and go check the place off. But sadly I couldn't. I checked them out on TripAdvisor and it looks just as amazing as I imagined. So if anyone has been there, please let me know about your experience. 

Lots of other bits - like the amazing Varkey (local baked item - very much like our khari - somewhat), litres and litres of excellent filter coffee, not finding fresh vanilla beans, lip smacking south Indian fare, overdosing on chocolate, shopping for my year's supply for Darjeeling green tea - from the place that produces Nilgiri tea :P  Also, just as we were leaving, our road was blocked by a wild Bison - wildlife native to Ooty. What a magnificent and intimidating creature. That was like the perfect ending :) All in all, it was one of those vacations, that leaves you mildly happy, calm, humming songs your way back home. Thank you for being such a hospitable place Ooty and Coimbatore :)

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed my vacation through my eyes. Do drop in a comment and tell me what you think :)

Until next time,


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