Saturday, 10 May 2014

Some bits and bobs and a lot of glitter.

   I know the header doesn't sound like it is a food related post. But I promise you it is. This one is all about the itty bitty things, and events that happened, that made my month so enjoyably busy and so full of fun and glitter (yes, glitter equals happiness).
   It started off with the best thing - my exams got over. I will be graduating this summer :D and will be packing my bags off to my dream college, where I will be pursuing my dream career and attending my dream course.  :) I know it sounds perfect, trust me, its surreal for me too.
    Coming to the events -  First in the month , Sula released the first ever grape- seed oil In the Indian market. Along with some brilliant nutritional value, the oil adds a unique taste to the dish. It is light - with a high smoking point and very earthy and warm undertones running through it. I was fortunate enough to attend the demonstration they had for the same at the Good Food Kitchen, Mumbai And giving us the demo were none other than Chef Amit Pamnani and Chef Kainaz Messman. Chef Amit taught us a variety of dishes - salads to stir frys (Shall be putting up the recipes soon) and Chef Kainaz (of Theobroma) taught us how a dash of grapeseed oil can spunk up even desserts. It would be pretty safe to say that Sula, being our own Indian company, is all out to give canola and even olive oil some tough competition. You can read all about the product here.

Then suddenly, SugarRushes's Facebook page hit a 100 likes!! I was absolutely over the moon. What an amazing feeling :D. You can check our Facebook page out HERE.

   Following which, my absolutely favourite series, Masterchef Australia has started its 6th season. This is the only series on tv that I actually, religiously watch. To add to the already esteemed jury, Kylie Kwong - the reigning Queen of Cantonese food is going to be a regular mentor on the show. This excites me way too much! I simply can't wait to see which Zumbo challenge is going to make an appearance. For the new ones on the block - I am referring to the challenge that is put forth almost every year by the Grand Wizard of Pastry - Adriano Zumbo. He has a reputation of setting the most difficult pastry challenges - from the dreaded Croquembouche (French profiterole wedding cake) to his signature V8  cake. Masterchef Australia never fails to remind me, in each and every episode, why I fell in love with the kitchen and cooking. (Picture Courtesy - The TenPlay Website)

   The Indian Food & Beverage industry is now thriving. Almost every other week some or the other new food/ beverage brand is releasing its products into the market. No exception to this is the famous Monster energy drinks. They promise a lot more energy in a bigger can, at a better price - seems like a good combo no? I still havent tried this and shall let you know as soon as I do.

   Also on the 5th of this month was Cinco De Mayo - which literally translates into "the fifth of May" and is a celebration to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy and the unlikely win of the Mexican army over the French. In the Mexican states, it is as important as their Independence day. So, the Mexican restaurant - Chili's (in Powai), had a 3 day extravaganza to celebrate this. Along with their stadium menu for the IPL season, they were offering free tequila shots on the occasion of Cinco De Mayo. The also had their staff wearing colourful Sombreros (the Mexican hats) and had a live singer perform!! We had a brilliant time. Fun ambiance, great food and fantastic live entertainment makes for nothing short of a perfect evening.

   Lastly,I have two extremely interesting things coming up which shall be revealed, when the time comes. So until then, keep cooking :D



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    1. Thank you for your kind words, I am very glad you liked what I write. Happy reading! :)