Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Brewberrys Cafe

Helloo there,
                   Since college is on hold due to Prep leave, I seem to have an unnaturally high amount of free time on my hands. And what better than to spend this time exploring new joints opening in and around the place I live. I had already been to Brewberry's Cafe once before and loved it so much that I had to go again, and write about it too.
                  A little research told me that this a chain that was founded in 2008 in Gujarat by some very perceptive hospitality graduates in Vadodara, Gujarat. Since its inception, Brewberrys has expanded and how?! Now it has around 45 stores in 15 states. That, I must say is pretty commendable.
                  Coming back to my experience there, I visited their Seawoods - Navi mumbai franchise. Their menu is wide, offering an array of snacks like pizzas, burgers, wraps, sandwiches - both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. They also serve several varieties of beverages ranging from hot coffees to iced teas, frappes and milkshakes. The cafe has a very casual and relaxed vibe. They have UNO cards, scrabble, various popular books available for patrons to read whilst waiting for their food, or simply to enjoy your time there.
Business has picked up for these guys, as I had to wait for a good 10 minutes to find a seat. And there were people lining up and waiting for some place - tells you how good they are. They have a self - order placement policy, sometimes their staff takes your order too. Staff is well mannered, polite, smiling and well informed about the menu and what they have to offer.
                   The rates are extremely affordable and the portions they serve are extremely filling. We started off with a Mocha Frappe. Tall glass of cold goodness with ample froth and chocolate.Not too thick which is good, because otherwise it would've been too filling for us to try anything else. This was followed by a portion of potato wedges. And very honestly, it has been very long since I have had such good ones. Well seasoned, appropriately crispy and browned - it made me want to parcel a portion for a mid night snack too. Only problem was that they dint have anything for me to empty my ketchup sachet in :(  though thats just a small problem that wont come in the way of me having my favourite snack!

                     We then ordered a burger each. I ordered a normal veggie burger and my friend ordered a chicken new york cheese burger :) I know, it tasted as delicious as it sounded. My burger was well done, with a crispy patty and a mayo - rich relish at the bottom. One burger and your meal is complete. Full paisa vasool! We were too full to have a dessert, so that part shall be reserved for the next trip! And our overall for the meal came up to hardly INR 500 - (for two) which is very reasonable in my opinion.

So overall,
Food - 9/ 10
Ambiance - 10/ 10
Service - 8/ 10
Value for Money - 9/10

A must visit if you want to hang out with your friends. Refreshing change from our usual cafes.
Here is the address -
The Brewberrys Cafe
10 -11 Dhara Complex,
Sector 44A, Seawoods,
Navi Mumbai. 

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