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Cadbury's Bournville

     I am a woman, and nothing will make me believe that a woman's best friend is anything other than Dark chocolate. Yes, you heard that - diamonds, opals and whatever weird coloured stone you are. I would choose a chunk of 70% dark over you any day.
      Coming to this blog post; you may have seen recently, that Cadbury has been on an image makeover drive - right from the packaging to the advertising. Their Bournville is no exception. If you are a dark chocolate fanatic like me, you would know the joy I had experienced when Bournville first launched in India. It was being touted as India's first step into the dark chocolate market, but like any other new product, this too had its share of the initial hiccups.
      Firstly, you know the Indian weather. It is very temperamental and is not kind to food and food products, chocolate being no exception. The older Bournville (released in 2009) was 44% dark, was more brittle, dry and very sharp. It wasn't one of those chocolates, which you could down an entire bar of in one go (Yes, I do at. No judging). So, Cadbury has made multiple changes and introduced their new Bournville. It is now 50% Dark. Hurray for more! Has a softer texture, is richer and more complex making it more pleasing to the palate.
     Instead of just eating up the chocolate, like I normally would, I was asked to try and see how many different things I could use a consumption ready Bournville bar for. Because I was short on time, I stuck to only 3 new recipes. So here you go - Below, you will find 3 really easy, tasty yet different recipes you can whip up in less than hour, using the New Bournville :)

Mango and Chocolate Layered trifle

This is a layered cold dessert, using the fruit in season - the mango.
For this recipe (serves 2), you will need -
1 Alphonso mango - peeled, quartered and pureed
1/2 litre of whole milk - remove a cup from this and keep aside
3 heap table spoons of vanilla custard powder (any brand - I used Brown and Polsons)
1/2 Cup of granulated sugar
2 Cups of fresh cream (I used the Amul tetrapack)
100 Grams of Bournville 
4 Graham crackers/ Marie biscuits

Mix 1 cup of the whole cream with the puréed mango and refrigerate until plating
Heat the remaining milk (not the one cup we set aside) with the sugar. Do not let the milk boil, keep the heat constant. In the one cup that was set aside, mix the custard powder and form a runny paste. Slowly add this paste into the rest of the milk and KEEP STIRRING with a whisk, because the moment you stop, lumps will formed and you will have clotted custard. Once the custard is thick (Lassi - like consistency), take it off the heat and transfer into another vessel and let it cool. When it has cooled, it will be even thicker, hence pipe-able. 
While that cools, boil water in a pot and place a bowl atop its mouth. Break the chocolate into the top bowl and let the heat from the boiling water melt the chocolate into a smooth liquid. When the chocolate has completely melted, put 4 tablespoons of the cream in it and whisk till the mixture has a shiny glaze. Take off heat and let it cool.
Once the custard has cooled - mix the mango cream mixture into it and  put it as well as the chocolate cream into the fridge and let them cool for another 20 minutes. Once that is done, Put them in separate piping bags. In the serving glass/ bowl of your choice, layer the mango creme and chocolate ganache (cream), alternating between both. Top with crushed biscuits and/ or diced mangoes/ dark chocolate chips and serve.
P.s  - always serve this one cold. You can prep this and keep it refrigerated until serving time.

Dark Chocolate and Espresso Granita with Fresh Fruits

The summer is getting unbearable, and what better than something chocolatey, cold with a brilliant caffeine kick to help cool off? Heres the recipe for a Dark chocolate and espresso granita which can be paired with the fruits of your choice 
You will need (serves 3)
100 ml Espresso (or the filter coffee pressed concentrate) 
100 gms sugar
50 gms Bournville chocolate
150 ml hot water.
Cubes/ dices of your favorite fruit - chilled


Mix all of the above in a big bowl, until both the chocolate and the sugar have dissolved.  Transfer into a tray to cool. Once it has reached room temperature, put it into the freezer. Every 20 minutes, take a fork and scrape the ice so that small granules of ice are formed, instead of a slab. Do this atleast thrice, with a minimum gap of 20 minutes in between. Your granita should be free, without chunks of ice in between - more like gravel. To serve - Spoon into a glass and top it with the fruit. You could also serve this granita with a spritz of lemon and mint syrup, for the alcohol lovers - spritz with vodka and use it as a boozy dessert at the end of a party! :)
P.s. - Granitas melt very quickly, esp in this weather. so take them out only when you want to serve it 

Dark Chocolate and Spiced Chai cupcakes

Initially I was a little sceptical about how dark chocolate would go with spiced chai, but rest assured, these little delights will win you some brownie points with any person who loves dark chocolate because the flavors of the spice chai, act like the perfect undertones to complement the richness of the dark chocolate. Just one thing is that I wasn't able to take good pictures of this recipe because of technical problems, but I shall certainly put them up when I bake the next batch. 
You will need (Makes 6 standard sized cupcakes)
1 large cup of flour
1 glass (around 175 ml ) of masala chai, which has no sugar and has been prepped in the 50:50 ratio of water and milk and about half a teaspoon of chai masala in it (I used home made chai masala, market bought is also fine)
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1/2 cup of granulated brown sugar (demerara sugar)
1 teaspoon of baking powder and baking soda each
3 Tablespoons of vegetable/ rice bran/ canola oil
A pinch of salt 
100 grams of roughly crushed Bournville
1 Tablespoon of white vinegar

Sieve the dry ingredients together (save the chocolate and sugar - add these after you sieve the rest into a big bowl). The add the wet ingredients one by one and mix well after adding each . Add the vinegar last and whisk well. Scoop into the cupcake moulds and bake at 180 degrees for 17 minutes. 
You can serve  these with a dollop of sour cream, or with herbed butter. 
They taste the best when warm. 

From what I tried and tested, Cadbury's seem to be on to something, because not all ready to consume chocolates can be used to bake well. Try these recipes, and tell me what you think about them!! :) 
Until then,

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