Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sunday Shopping & some Brunch

         This month in general, has been so extremely busy for me, that the Sunday brunch plus shopping outing at Renaissance, Powai (Mumbai), was nothing short of a mini vacation. 
          Bringing in this new concept, of a Sunday market, where home - run brands are given the opportunity to showcase their products, Renaissance is trying to offer a unique experience to their guests. This Sunday market, which is being organised in collaboration with The Smallfry Co, is going to be running all month, i.e. every Sunday in the month of June. The idea behind this is to provide an avenue to bring friends and family together for some really good food along with some fun things to shop for. The brands being showcased change every week, therefore providing a wide variety for the regulars, as well as for the newer patrons. The brunch itself is the highlight, with the chefs pulling out all stops when it comes to the number of cuisines they had. With both Vegetarian & Non- Vegetarian options, there were different stalls like Western, Indian, Grills, Chaat, Mexican Counter, Mumbai Toasties Section, South Indian, Thai and Pasta. Not to mention a stunning selection of desserts. 

 This weekend's market showcased the following brands - 

       Tea trunk - one of the premier fine tea brands of India. Dress your Tress, was selling cutesy hand - made hair accessories. I absolutely loved them and HAD to pick up a few cloth bow - clips!! Eight Thousand Miles had a rather impressive line of kids wear. Asya had beautiful Chikankari (traditional Lucknowi art) t-shirts made by the women of Jais village, in Uttar Pradesh. These t-shirts act as a medium to their empowerment and progress. Pride of Cows - an upcoming organic milk brand, which promises to home deliver nutritious and untainted milk. I tried their sample, and yes, it did seem fresher and tasted much better than the packets we use on a daily basis. Splurge - which was probably one of my favourites - was an all natural, handmade, chemical free skin care and cosmetic brand. I picked up two delicious smelling vanilla lip balms which I intend to share with no one! :D The Shuddhi Therapy stall was selling beautiful aromatic products for body & mind healing. Last, but not the least, some very aesthetically pleasing handmade clay ceramics, by The Curators of Clay. They had some really unique pieces on display. 

All in all, a perfect Sunday afternoon spent well. You don't want to miss this experience. Especially the ladies - where else will you find fantastic shopping options and good food, without having to step out in this heat?? :D 
A special mention to Payal Shah. An absolutely friendly & warm person, who made me feel completely at ease. It was wonderful meeting you! :) 

Until next time, 

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