Sunday, 13 July 2014

Prep, The Big Move & Settling in :)

Yes, SugarRushes has been down and low for quite some time, thanks to all the last minute stuff and obviously the settling down and getting familiar with your absolutely new surroundings, which is always a little slow. Anyway, coming back to the point; its time for a life update :) As I was saying my goodbyes and farewells, I ended up meeting a lot of people who I got the chance to know because of my food blogging. So a day before leaving, I had the opportunity to visit the Four Points by Sheraton in Vashi, Navi Mumbai to take a look at their Buffet Breakfast. After having a long conversation with Mr. Ahsan, the F&B Director, along with the Head Chef of the hotel. Atika, who is their Senior MarComm Exec, helped me understand the concept around which their menus are designed. Being mainly a business hotel, who often has repeat guests, the key to happy customers is keeping in mind their eating habits and provide them with what they are used to. So the Starwood (their owner brand) hotels try and keep a regulated variety available. From American breakfasts to Indian, you will find what you want. I went for the Indian breakfast options - vegetable utappams with chutney and sambhar. I felt that there was a lack of seasoning in the utappam and the food was lukewarm - but then again it may be because their breakfast is over by 10 - 10.30 and we were a few of the last ones there. A mention for their Bakery department. I was impressed with the spread and the variety they had laid out (check pictures below). Also, the options of sweetened oats with walnuts, a variety of fruit cuts, and a good number of options in the fresh juice section added to a lot healthy options for the calorie conscious. They also had a few live stations for grilled paninis, pasta etc. So the next time I'm too bored to cook breakky at home and need some good change, I'll just drive down to Four points (which is like a 5 minute drive from where I live). Next time you are in Navi Mumbai, You should keep this option in mind :) 

Finally, after an entire year of build up, I finally moved to Australia on the 5th of July. It was heart breaking to say goodbye to the people and the place that make me and my life what it is. Most of all, saying goodbye to my parents. I never thought it would be so difficult. In short, I learnt you can never have what you want, unless you are ready to let something go. In this case, it was giving up home, comfort, friends and family for my dream and career. I know it sounds horrible, but let me be honest, I was worried too. But the minute I entered my college, and that moment I tried my Chef Jacket on, it breathed purpose into my life. I had to pinch myself to really believe that this was happening and it wasn't all just a fancy shmancy dream and I had to try really really hard to not cry out in joy, in full public view :)  The orientation was fantastic. I ended up making quite a few acquaintances. The most exciting part of the day was receiving the uniform and tool kit :D Somehow, that made it all official. 

The gorgeous view from my college

The coveted uniform

With college starting at the end of this week, I and a few friends decided to spend this time exploring the beautiful city of Sydney. At this time of the year, its really really cold (I'm rather cold intolerant, being born and raised in a hot city like Mumbai). But that added to the over all chilled out atmosphere of a very cosmopolitan city. The only thing I am still not used to, are the rather early sunsets (5.30 pm!?! WTH?! :O ) 
Here, take a look at the city through my eyes :) ( Don't forget to notice the two amazing food experiences below) 

Rocks Market

One off my Bucket List :D

Inside the Queen Victoria Building

Pretty Sunsets
Darling Harbour
Yess!! Nitrogen Frozen Gelato

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