Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sydney's Sugary Affair Series - Part 1

 Being a Pastry Chef (subtle way of putting it out there that I did get my diploma :D Woohoo!), comes with a lot of perks. I have traipsed across Sydney for practically one and a half year, gobbling all the goodies under the pretext of *research and development* without a single tinge of guilt.
Mind you, I wasn't lying when I said that it was purely for research. Its just that it helped me to not think of all the gazillion calories that would have sent me on a miserable regret trip afterwards.
All the banter aside, Sugar Rushes is proudly going on a 12 part series, where we will try and cover all the hidden gems that Sydney has to offer the sugar and butter lover in you. We kick the series off with my number one on the list and a place that I had the beautiful opportunity to volunteer and learn at -  BlackStar Pastry. 
Also, a tiny little disclaimer - all the views you read are completely my own. I'm sure many people will have their own favorites and may vehemently disagree.  This series is not a list of which one is better than the other. It simply is a little virtual tour of all the places I have visited, and includes all the food that I have loved, not loved and want to try next! :)

 BlackStar Pastry is synonymous with Sydney's ever growing cafe scene. It has two permanent outlets at Rosebery and Newtown (which is also their oldest). They currently have a small outlet at The Galeries in the CBD. They also just shut down their Power House Museum outlet which used to be my favorite haunt for breakfast on a day off.
Late addition - They just opened another little store at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Sydney CBD.

BlackStar Pastry's Rosebery Outlet

 Insider's tip - No one makes chocolate milkshakes the way these guys do. Their coffees are absolutely fabulous. If I am not mistaken, their coffee is sourced from The Little Marionette, which is touted to be one of the best coffee suppliers around here. This place is the sole reason (and their fabulous Barsita, Harry - who I used to work with at the Rosebery outlet) why I started appreciating the good stuff and still love my flatwhite coffees without any sugar.

This was one of Harry's creations that I used to absolutely relish! :)

Being a vegetarian, my choices are pleasantly not limited here. My usual routine is to order either their chocolate milkshake or a flatwhite coffee to go with their mushroom and pesto toastie. All their breads are house made and wholesome. Their pesto is coarse, with a good hit of garlic that marries the mushroom and cheese amazingly well. Their portions are generous, so I would suggest you go along with a friend if you want to try out a wide range of their things.

The non vegetarians, on the other hand, are in for a treat. BlackStar prides itself in winning the Best Pie award almost every year. Their lamb and beef pies are one of the main reasons you see the winding, long lines outside their outlets almost everyday.

Coming to their most famous and absolutely mouthwatering product, their Strawberry - Watermelon cake. I am absolutely not ashamed to admit that I may have once single - handedly downed an entire four portion of this beauty. A light & beautiful masterpiece of a dessert that has layers of watermelon and rose cream, topped off with juicy strawberries. This is something you simply cannot afford to miss.
P.S. These usually get sold out by early afternoon, make sure you are there good and early to get your hands on these beauties.

My other personal favorites include their Vanilla panna cotta with a Caramel jelly. The clear jelly with a tiny gold leaf on top tastes as brilliant as it looks.
Their puff pastry products are beautiful too, though I am not a big fan of the boozy almond knots they have. But their croissants are definitely worth a shot.

Their Orange cake iced with lemon cream cheese frosting and dried figs is one of those comfort kindling cakes that you have on a cosy day in. Moist, dense and flavorful.

The last but not the least, giving vegans a reason to rejoice is their chocolate brownie topped with popcorn and freeze dried raspberries. It isn't cloying to your palette like a lot of the vegan cakes I have tried. The popcorn adds just the right amount of crunch to it and the raspberries provide the fruity zing.

All in all, BlackStar will always be my one true love when it comes to cafes in Sydney. Its comforting vibe that stands by their owner Christopher The's philosophy of - every piece of food having its own character, makes it worth every cent!

I hope you liked the first installment of this series. We have 11 more to come.
I would love to hear what you think of it in the comments section!

Until the next time then